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Anne Cox Chambers Alumni/ae Center
Anne Cox Chambers Alumni/ae Center

2019 Graduating Class of Literature

On May 13th the Literature Program's graduating class of 2019 celebrated their academic achievements with a reception and presentation. Many students came to the podium to present a brief description of their senior project to their peers and the assembled faculty of the Literature Program. Students articulated a wide range of subjects such as Tourette's Syndrome: A Study in Psychopoetics; Becoming Ourselves: Black Women's Autobiographical Interrogation of Tropes of Identity; Inside the Fault Lines of Heart: The Poetics of Exile in the works of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and Etel Adnan; and Chutes and Ladders: John Ashberry's Poetics as Experience to name a few. VIEW MORE >>

Spring 2019 Senior Celebration and Presentations
Photos provided by Cole Heinowitz

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Alumni/ae Spotlight

Hannah LeClair '14

Hannah graduated from Bard in 2014 and is on internship at The Paris Review alongside two other Bard alums, Caitlin Youngquist '12 and Molly Livingston '15. Hannah has contributed toThe Review's "Staff Picks" (a weekly featured blog)... "Of course I couldn't help recalling your Virginia Woolf seminar when I returned to "On Being Ill," and I felt very proud to have the chance to put her essay on the radar of the literary blogosphere!"