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Senior Colloquium: Research &
How-to Guide

This guide is a starting point for research into literature for your senior project. It covers the print and online sources in the Stevenson library as well as information to help you effectively use these resources. If you need additional help or have further research needs, please feel free to contact Betsy Cawley, or ask any staff member in the library.
Senior Colloquium: Research &How-to Guide
Senior projects in Literature are normally 60 to 80 pages in length and represent a year’s worth of research and writing. Students usually decide on the nature of their senior project in the spring of their junior year and are matched with a faculty member in Literature to serve as their senior project advisor at that time. The student meets with this advisor once a week for an hour or so throughout the senior year to discuss the senior project.

The Midway

At the end of the first semester of the senior year, there is normally a Midway, whose purpose is to give the student feedback on what he or she has accomplished thus far in the project and advice on how he or she might best complete the project. The advisor and one other faculty member, normally in Literature, serve on the Midway Board. The second faculty member should be contacted no later than before Thanksgiving Recess.

The Submission of the Senior Project

Senior Projects are due three weeks prior to the last day of classes. The deadline is strictly enforced. Projects submitted a few days after the deadline will be marked down.

The Senior Project Board

The Senior Project Board takes place between the deadline for Senior Project submissions and the end of the semester. Normally, the same faculty members who served on the Midway Board also serve on the Senior Project Board. Students may opt to receive either a letter grade or a pass/fail grade for their project. If they wish to receive a pass/fail grade, they must state so at the beginning of the meeting.

Senior Projects in Written Arts

At the end of Junior year, those moderated students who wish to pursue a Senior Project in the Written Arts must apply to, and receive explicit permission from the writing faculty. 

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